Saturday, January 21, 2012


I know my last post was about my disdain for winter.  This has a similar theme.  So I was supposed to do a 45 minute run after my bike today.  Riding isn't a problem because I do most of it on a trainer.  Running afterwards became an issue this morning.  I was going to attempt it but the 2 inches of slush and the rain made it miserable.  My workout turned into a 3 hour bike.  My treadmill finally died so I have no way of running in my basement.  I need to invest a new treadmill so I can get through the winter.  Last year I made it until April.  I think the Australian athletes have it right.  They go to Australia for this time of year and then come back to Colorado for our spring and summer.  It would be nice but there aren't many people willing to pay a 42 year-old to train and race!

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